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New Author

Hi everyone! My name is Rebeka. I will soon be starting to write for this blog. I was told I could write about pretty much anything that has to do with sports, or make my own things up.

If y’all have any ideas or suggestions, about what y’all would like me to write about, feel free to say so, by commenting below!

Have a great day!


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*cough cough* Ha that will be the day!! LOL noooo! I can play a tad bit of soccer, oh and maybe ping pong. Are you good at any sport?

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No problem xd. Ima view the blog and see if no one has taken soccer. Nobody has taken ping pong thats all i know i may have 2 talk 2 Jake just incase.

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Welcome to RPC Sports, Rebeka!! I’m not an author, but I wanted to welcome you anyway. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing some great posts! 😉

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