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Happy April Fools!!

Did I get you all? Last days breaking news was just a prank!

Anocncements Hockey News NHL

BREAKING NEWS NHL Announces It’s Official Return Date.

Hello! So today my dad sent me an email on how the NHL will have a stanley cup playoffs with a twist!!!

The league will cancel the rest of the 2019-2020 season due to the social distancing measures in force and it will organize an online tournament which will feature NHL players facing off against each other to award the Stanley Cup.

Games will be broadcast during previously scheduled NHL game slots on networks like Sportsnet, RDS and TVA Sports in Canada while games will take place on NBC Sports in the States.

The current standings will determine the matchups for the first round of the NHL 2020 playoffs.

Players will play a pre-tournament over the weekend to choose who will be each team’s three representatives and the games will begin on April 8.

The games will use the very popular NHL Threes mode where three players per team will compete in a 3v3 match on a smaller rink.

Players of the winning team will be able to spend a day in isolation with the Stanley Cup at home, but important precautions involving procedures to disinfect the legendary trophy will be taken every night.

More details will follow in the coming hours from reporter April Foolington. 

Here is a list of all the stanley cups won until now.

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NHL Pauses Rest Of 2019-20 Season Until Further Notice

Hello Sorry I am late for this news that happened last saturday.

The NHL pauses the rest of the NHL season after an NBA player got the covid 19 which caused the NBA to close the next day NHL followed the NBA’s actions. There is currently only one sport available and that is Car Racing which might close but I personally doubt it.

Here is a video with the NHL’s commissioner on the phone.

There is literally nothing to watch for sporty kids in Ontario now because there is no school for 3 weeks plus there is only car Racing that not much kids are interested in.

So now there are no fights!

No incredible saves!!

No awesome goals!!!

No hockey at all!!!!

I’m very sad but this makes sense because in sports like hockey and basketball there is sweat flying all over and body contact, so it makes sense to keep car racing. Personally I am very disappointed because I am not in too car racing.

To stay safe from the silly Covid 19 swallow a lot of vitamin C’s!

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Emergency Backup Goalie!

Last night both the Carolina Hurricanes main goalie and backup goalie got hurt so they called David Ayres. David was the Zamboni driver for the Toronto Marlies the minor team of the Toronto Maple Leafs, last David Played in a competitive league was in 2015 fifteen when he was playing in the Junior B League David has come a long way because in 2004 David had to get a kidney transplant.

This is the second time a emergency backup goalie got to play when in 2017 Chicago Blackhawks Anton Forsberg and Colin Delia both got hurt. So they called in 36 year old Scott Foster who fased 14 shots and made 14 saves.

When one of the sport net dudes was interviewing him and his wife the sportsnet guy asked his wife.

What did you first think when Petr Mrazek got hurt?

So David’s wife Sarah answered with this:

Well I seen Mrazek get hurt at the last minute and then I was like Dave is going to play for the Hurricanes!!!

After that the Sportsnet guy asked her.

Are you proud of David?

She said:

Although I am a Toronto fan I am very proud of my Dave!

Here is a video of parts of the game he played.

After that the Hurricanes ended up beating Toronto 6 to 3.

That is it on this breaking news!

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Great 8 Scores 700th

Alex Ovechkin the Great 8 scored his 700th goal in the NHL to make him the 8th player in NHL history to score 700 goals.

Here is a video of his greatest goal of all time and his 700th goal.

Here is his greatest goal.

and here is his 700th goal.

If you go to quizzes level one you will find the Alex Ovechkin quiz.

And that’s it!

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Breaking News

Auston Matthews won’t be playing in the all star games this weekend due to injuries. *Jake celebrates*