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NHL Pauses Rest Of 2019-20 Season Until Further Notice

Hello Sorry I am late for this news that happened last saturday.

The NHL pauses the rest of the NHL season after an NBA player got the covid 19 which caused the NBA to close the next day NHL followed the NBA’s actions. There is currently only one sport available and that is Car Racing which might close but I personally doubt it.

Here is a video with the NHL’s commissioner on the phone.

There is literally nothing to watch for sporty kids in Ontario now because there is no school for 3 weeks plus there is only car Racing that not much kids are interested in.

So now there are no fights!

No incredible saves!!

No awesome goals!!!

No hockey at all!!!!

I’m very sad but this makes sense because in sports like hockey and basketball there is sweat flying all over and body contact, so it makes sense to keep car racing. Personally I am very disappointed because I am not in too car racing.

To stay safe from the silly Covid 19 swallow a lot of vitamin C’s!