The Daytona 500 Postponed Due to Rain After 20 Laps;

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. took home the win early on due to rain at the first race in the NASCAR season, with Joey Logano taking second. In other news, this year’s Daytona 500 is actually the 2019 Daytona 500, at least according to the Program Alert at the bottom of my TV…

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Swiss Skydiver Wins The Last Race Of The Triple Crown.

This year’s Triple Crown has been quite different from the past. Due to COVID 19 the races ended up being run in different orders. Instead of it being the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and then the Belmont Stakes, it was the Belmont that was run first and won by Tiz The Law, then the Kentucky Derby which was won by Authentic making it so that there wouldn’t be a Triple Crown winner for the year 2020. The Preakness was the last to be held, it took place on the third of October. The 145th Preakness Stakes started as 11 horses surged down the track. Thousand Words held the lead for a bit, then the Kentucky winner Authentic passed him taking the lead. Swiss Skydiver who had been in fifth place came in on the inside of Authentic matching strides with him as they headed for the far turn, with Swiss Skydiver now in the lead and Authentic close behind in second place they raced neck and neck for the final stretch. It was Swiss Skydiver on the inside and Authentic on the outside, as they ran the final furlong nose to nose for the wire making it a photo finish! The winner was the only filly in the race, Swiss Skydiver, making her the sixth filly to ever win the Preakness Stakes! There was certainly a lot of excitement for this last race, and these two horses put on one fine show!

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Kentucky Derby Winner

September 4th the Kentucky Derby for the year of 2020 started as 15 horses surged through the gates. After a tough start, Authentic soon took the lead and as he led them down the far turn Tiz The Law (the Belmont Stakes winner) dug in and and went from his fourth place position to second place right behind Authentic, they galloped down the stretch and for a bit it looked as if Tiz The Law would take the lead, but just as it seemed so, Authentic surged ahead winning the 146 Kentucky Derby, by a length and one fourth! Thus there will be no Triple Crown winner this year. Like the Belmont there were also no spectators at the Kentucky Derby, due to COVID. That about wraps it up for now! Stay tuned so we can see who wins the Preakness!


Our Funny Basketball Bloopers Video!

Hey! I haven’t been able to post anything on here because there aren’t really any sports going on. But we do play some basketball, so here’s a funny video of us playing. Don’t think you’re bad at basketball until you’ve watched this:

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Hockey NHL

Blackhawks Win Along With Washington, Tampa Bay, Colorado, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Philadelphia, Toronto, And New York Islanders

The Chicago blackhawks finish their exhibition game strong as Dominik Kubalik a Calder trophy candidate scored two goals, Both Corey Crawford and Malcolm Subban both get a shutout to together defeat the St.Louis blues who where last years stanley cup champions.

Alex Ovechkin also finished strong as he brought back 2 out of three goals for his team as Washington beat Carolina 3-2.

Not just Chicago’s goalies got a shutout as Tampa Bay Lightning win 5-0 over the Florida Panthers as both goalies also get a shutout.

The Winnipeg Jets beat the Vancouvers Canucks 4-1 as the Jets almost got a shutout for their goalies.

Connor McDavid scored twice to lead the Edmonton Oilers over the Calgary Flames 4-1. 

Scott Laughton scored in overtime as the Philadelphia Flyers to beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-2.

The Toronto Maple Leafs captured two shorthanded goals to double up the Montreal Canadiens 4-2.

And for last the New York Islander beat the New York Rangers 2-1 as the Rangers were two goals away from winning.

Four players scored two goals last night here they are: 1 Dominik Kubalik 2 Alex Ovechkin (2) 3 Connor McDavid (2) 4 Alexander Kerfoot (2)

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Anocncements Hockey NHL

Seattle Releases New Team Name, Logo, And New Jersey’s

Those are there three logo’s. Now here is the order they are going to go in.

Seattle Kraken logo, color scheme

Here is there Jersey.

Seattle Kraken jersey sweater uniform team name

There jersey is pretty similar to the chicago blackhawks just different colors, and logo’s. Here is the Chicago Blackhawks jersey.


It’s just like the seattle on the shoulder they have their secondary logo.

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Ways to keep fit during Covid-19

Hello. Today I will share with you some tips, especially right now since it’s summer time. Here is what you should do:

-Drink water everyday. Stay Hydrated.

-Exercise everyday. Depending on the sport you are good at or fitness workouts you can look for online on YouTube.

-Have a healthy and a junk food balance. It may be important to be eating healthy, but also important to not lower your blood sugar.

-Don’t work out too much especially if you do sports. You would not want to pull a muscle.

-Stay Safe. The World is even more dangerous than it is today.

These tips will help you whether you don’t or do sports, especially if you do Karate.

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Belmont Stakes Winner

On June 20th down at the Belmont Stakes race track, the gates opened and the start of the triple crown was officially under way! Tap It To Win kept up a strong pace until the final stretch when Tiz the Law surged ahead and won the 152nd Belmont race! Winning by almost four lengths Tiz the Law is the first New York bred colt to win the Belmont Stakes since 1882. The race was different then last year’s, seeing as there were no spectators due to the Covid 19. Trainer Barclay Tagg stated the the quiet may have been used to an advantage because normal training days aren’t noisy like the races. Any one who was present at the race had to wear masks. One jewel of the Triple Crown has been completed so stay tuned to find out if there will be a 2020 Triple Crown winner!

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Hey, I’m Olivia! This is my first post on RPC sports so bear with me on this. I have danced for 4 year this year was the first year I did competitive dance sadly covid got her before the competitions got her.

What style should you or your kid(s) start on dance. Based on experience I would say balay or if you are looking for something more energetic then I would say jazz. Why not hiphop or acro? Well acro includes a lot of flexibility you or your child could not keep up without lots of training that would be more for your second year. Hiphop can be the most complex sail it needs lots of core strength I would say that’s for your third year. If you want to do hiphop the second or first year here’s a video of an exercise you can do every week and you should workout a little every week.

Basic Hip hop / Club Dance Moves For Beginners I Club Dance Tutorial part2

Thanks for reading and enjoy dancing!


Belmont and Preakness Stakes rescheduled

Hey y’all! As you can see in the title both the Belmont and the Preakness Stakes have been moved to a different date. The three jewels to the crown have now been scrambled up, making the Belmont Stakes for the first time ever, the first to be run, which is originally the last leg to the Triple crown. It will be held on the twentieth of this month instead of the sixth of this month. There will be no spectators in the stands, so the race will be much quieter then usual, and instead of the usual mile and a half, it will be shortened to a mile and one eighth. The Kentucky Derby will be held next on the fifth of September making it the third time in history to not be held in May. Then the Preakness will be the last jewel instead of the second, and will be held on the third of October, instead of the sixteenth of last month. The Kentucky Derby will be held at the Churchill Downs race track in Louisville Kentucky, the Preakness will be held at the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore Maryland, and the Belmont will be held at the  Belmont Park in Elmont New York. The NBC will be streaming each race live. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for upcoming posts!

Oh, and this is due to the Covid 19 I almost forgot to add that.


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