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Blackhawks Win Along With Washington, Tampa Bay, Colorado, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Philadelphia, Toronto, And New York Islanders

The Chicago blackhawks finish their exhibition game strong as Dominik Kubalik a Calder trophy candidate scored two goals, Both Corey Crawford and Malcolm Subban both get a shutout to together defeat the St.Louis blues who where last years stanley cup champions.

Alex Ovechkin also finished strong as he brought back 2 out of three goals for his team as Washington beat Carolina 3-2.

Not just Chicago’s goalies got a shutout as Tampa Bay Lightning win 5-0 over the Florida Panthers as both goalies also get a shutout.

The Winnipeg Jets beat the Vancouvers Canucks 4-1 as the Jets almost got a shutout for their goalies.

Connor McDavid scored twice to lead the Edmonton Oilers over the Calgary Flames 4-1. 

Scott Laughton scored in overtime as the Philadelphia Flyers to beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-2.

The Toronto Maple Leafs captured two shorthanded goals to double up the Montreal Canadiens 4-2.

And for last the New York Islander beat the New York Rangers 2-1 as the Rangers were two goals away from winning.

Four players scored two goals last night here they are: 1 Dominik Kubalik 2 Alex Ovechkin (2) 3 Connor McDavid (2) 4 Alexander Kerfoot (2)

That’s it for this report!

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Seattle Releases New Team Name, Logo, And New Jersey’s

Those are there three logo’s. Now here is the order they are going to go in.

Seattle Kraken logo, color scheme

Here is there Jersey.

Seattle Kraken jersey sweater uniform team name

There jersey is pretty similar to the chicago blackhawks just different colors, and logo’s. Here is the Chicago Blackhawks jersey.


It’s just like the seattle on the shoulder they have their secondary logo.

That’s it!

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Alex Ovechkin And Wayne Gretzky To Face Of Virtually!

Hello! So last I got the news that Alex Ovechkin and Wayne Gretzky will be facing of virtually on April the 22 at 7:30 there will be three games the best out of three will win. To view the games it will be available on the Washington Capitals Twitch. I personally think Ovechkin will win since he is younger and has been playing video games more often than normal since the NHL locked down. Tell me who you think is going to win in the comments!

That’s it thank you for reading stay safe!

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Happy April Fools!!

Did I get you all? Last days breaking news was just a prank!

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BREAKING NEWS NHL Announces It’s Official Return Date.

Hello! So today my dad sent me an email on how the NHL will have a stanley cup playoffs with a twist!!!

The league will cancel the rest of the 2019-2020 season due to the social distancing measures in force and it will organize an online tournament which will feature NHL players facing off against each other to award the Stanley Cup.

Games will be broadcast during previously scheduled NHL game slots on networks like Sportsnet, RDS and TVA Sports in Canada while games will take place on NBC Sports in the States.

The current standings will determine the matchups for the first round of the NHL 2020 playoffs.

Players will play a pre-tournament over the weekend to choose who will be each team’s three representatives and the games will begin on April 8.

The games will use the very popular NHL Threes mode where three players per team will compete in a 3v3 match on a smaller rink.

Players of the winning team will be able to spend a day in isolation with the Stanley Cup at home, but important precautions involving procedures to disinfect the legendary trophy will be taken every night.

More details will follow in the coming hours from reporter April Foolington. 

Here is a list of all the stanley cups won until now.

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NHL Pauses Rest Of 2019-20 Season Until Further Notice

Hello Sorry I am late for this news that happened last saturday.

The NHL pauses the rest of the NHL season after an NBA player got the covid 19 which caused the NBA to close the next day NHL followed the NBA’s actions. There is currently only one sport available and that is Car Racing which might close but I personally doubt it.

Here is a video with the NHL’s commissioner on the phone.

There is literally nothing to watch for sporty kids in Ontario now because there is no school for 3 weeks plus there is only car Racing that not much kids are interested in.

So now there are no fights!

No incredible saves!!

No awesome goals!!!

No hockey at all!!!!

I’m very sad but this makes sense because in sports like hockey and basketball there is sweat flying all over and body contact, so it makes sense to keep car racing. Personally I am very disappointed because I am not in too car racing.

To stay safe from the silly Covid 19 swallow a lot of vitamin C’s!

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Players To Watch Out For In The Next 10-20 Years

Hello today I will be listing the top 15 players for the next 10-20 years now the NHL is not a written book so these are only predictions.

15. Alex Debringcat. All thought he is currently in a slump he has been climbing out his slump as he has gotten two goals against Nashville on feb the 21st he has slowed down back in the his slump but he is doing average right now last year he got 41 goals which is very good

14. You might want to watch out for defensemen Lucas Carlsson as a rookie defensemen it’s rare that you get more than ten minutes a game but this young defensemen is averaging 13.37 ice time he might not be good offensive but he is great on the defense.

13. Kappo Kakko this young Finnish guy was drafted by the New York Rangers on the summer of 2019 Kakko is well know for how high he was drafted and his offensive talent.

12. Sam Steel a centerman who came out of nowhere and is doing really good for a rookie drafted at 30th overall.

11. Ryan Phoeling last year the 2018-19 season Phoeling played one game and got a hat trick. this year he only got one assists and one goal in 27 games and since he isn’t doing to good they sent them back to the minor team but that is not it for Phoeling.

10. Auston Matthews this guy is a well known player in the league already even tho if I don’t like him at all he is thriving. This guy should of been in the top 5 but early this fall got faced with a charge for disorderly conduct to view that article please go on this link: one more this this post is not one of our blog posts it is a CTV news article.

9. Jack Hughes this guy was drafted 1st overall the summer of 2019. This player is known for his older rookie brother Quinn Hughes and his dad John Hughes and his mom Ellen Hughes.

8. Mitch Marner I hate to admit it but he is g g good.

7. Tristan Jarry this young goalie dominated the first half of the 2019-20 season.

6. Elvis Merzlikins Elvis went on a five game winning streak where he did not allow any goals.

5. Adam Boqvist the Boqer is a very well known former OHL player who now is a famous Chicago Blackhawks player.

4. Leon Drasaitle this guy might have 10-15 years left in his career but he is one of the rulers of the scoring part of hockey.

3. Kirby Dach drafted 3rd overall Dacher is a future prospect who is doing great offensive and defensive the Blackhawks are hoping this young player will grow to become the next Jonathan Toews.

1st Would be Dominik Kubalik and Connor Mcdavid now the reason I skipped two is because Kuby Is 3rd for points for all rookies and is leading in goals by rookies and he is a head of the second place rookie by nine. My prediction is that by the end of Kuby‘s career he will be one of the greatest goalscorer of all time. Mcdavid might have a good chance to be one of worlds greatest players of all time his chances are so high that he might be the best of all time.

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To Close The Trade Deadline

Chris Kreider signed a 7 year extension to his contract with the New York Rangers.

And that’s it for trades and signings until this summer!

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The Hawks Trade Of Gustafson

FEBRUARY 24, 2020 Calgary
Flames get

Blackhawks get in return

  • 2020 3rd-Round Pick

Chicago Blackhawks will receive the earlier of Calgary Flames two third-round picks in the 2020.

Now I am a Blackhawks fan but I loved Gus last year but this year there is something different about him so I’m sarto glad the hawks traded him.

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Greatest Trade Of The Year And Biggest Blackhawks Trade since 2000



The Toronto Maple Leafs will send the Golden Knights forward Martins Dzierkals, receive a fifth-round pick in 2020 and retain a portion of Lehner’s contract to complete the deal.  

Now I’m pretty saaaaaaad about this trade because I though Lehner would of stayed at least he posted on facebook a big thank you to Chicago and that he really loved the city. Now why he left is because Chicago did not have enough cap space for him.