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Players To Watch Out For In The Next 10-20 Years

Hello today I will be listing the top 15 players for the next 10-20 years now the NHL is not a written book so these are only predictions.

15. Alex Debringcat. All thought he is currently in a slump he has been climbing out his slump as he has gotten two goals against Nashville on feb the 21st he has slowed down back in the his slump but he is doing average right now last year he got 41 goals which is very good

14. You might want to watch out for defensemen Lucas Carlsson as a rookie defensemen it’s rare that you get more than ten minutes a game but this young defensemen is averaging 13.37 ice time he might not be good offensive but he is great on the defense.

13. Kappo Kakko this young Finnish guy was drafted by the New York Rangers on the summer of 2019 Kakko is well know for how high he was drafted and his offensive talent.

12. Sam Steel a centerman who came out of nowhere and is doing really good for a rookie drafted at 30th overall.

11. Ryan Phoeling last year the 2018-19 season Phoeling played one game and got a hat trick. this year he only got one assists and one goal in 27 games and since he isn’t doing to good they sent them back to the minor team but that is not it for Phoeling.

10. Auston Matthews this guy is a well known player in the league already even tho if I don’t like him at all he is thriving. This guy should of been in the top 5 but early this fall got faced with a charge for disorderly conduct to view that article please go on this link: one more this this post is not one of our blog posts it is a CTV news article.

9. Jack Hughes this guy was drafted 1st overall the summer of 2019. This player is known for his older rookie brother Quinn Hughes and his dad John Hughes and his mom Ellen Hughes.

8. Mitch Marner I hate to admit it but he is g g good.

7. Tristan Jarry this young goalie dominated the first half of the 2019-20 season.

6. Elvis Merzlikins Elvis went on a five game winning streak where he did not allow any goals.

5. Adam Boqvist the Boqer is a very well known former OHL player who now is a famous Chicago Blackhawks player.

4. Leon Drasaitle this guy might have 10-15 years left in his career but he is one of the rulers of the scoring part of hockey.

3. Kirby Dach drafted 3rd overall Dacher is a future prospect who is doing great offensive and defensive the Blackhawks are hoping this young player will grow to become the next Jonathan Toews.

1st Would be Dominik Kubalik and Connor Mcdavid now the reason I skipped two is because Kuby Is 3rd for points for all rookies and is leading in goals by rookies and he is a head of the second place rookie by nine. My prediction is that by the end of Kuby‘s career he will be one of the greatest goalscorer of all time. Mcdavid might have a good chance to be one of worlds greatest players of all time his chances are so high that he might be the best of all time.

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Top 3 players predictions for 2020 to 2030

Hi today i will predict the top 3players of 2020 to 2030.

#3 Kirby Dach (Chicago Blackhawks)

#2 Alex Debrincat (Chicago Blackhawks)

#1 Connor Mcdavid (Edmonton Oilers)

Did you now that Mcdavid, Dylan Strome (#6 in top 10) and Debrincat played together with the Erie others in the OHL.