Ways to keep fit during Covid-19

Hello. Today I will share with you some tips, especially right now since it’s summer time. Here is what you should do:

-Drink water everyday. Stay Hydrated.

-Exercise everyday. Depending on the sport you are good at or fitness workouts you can look for online on YouTube.

-Have a healthy and a junk food balance. It may be important to be eating healthy, but also important to not lower your blood sugar.

-Don’t work out too much especially if you do sports. You would not want to pull a muscle.

-Stay Safe. The World is even more dangerous than it is today.

These tips will help you whether you don’t or do sports, especially if you do Karate.

I hope you enjoy this post.


By ninjawarrior83

I'm a 18 year old who is in 12th grade. I finished most of RPC but continuing English essays in 12th grade. I am using Abeka for my English essays.

2 replies on “Ways to keep fit during Covid-19”

Im saying u should eat healty food a lot. But don’t overdo it. U need 2 have that as a balance with junk food. Like chocolate. Its important 2 also not lower ur blood sugar it will have an impact on life


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