Hey, I’m Olivia! This is my first post on RPC sports so bear with me on this. I have danced for 4 year this year was the first year I did competitive dance sadly covid got her before the competitions got her.

What style should you or your kid(s) start on dance. Based on experience I would say balay or if you are looking for something more energetic then I would say jazz. Why not hiphop or acro? Well acro includes a lot of flexibility you or your child could not keep up without lots of training that would be more for your second year. Hiphop can be the most complex sail it needs lots of core strength I would say that’s for your third year. If you want to do hiphop the second or first year here’s a video of an exercise you can do every week and you should workout a little every week.

Basic Hip hop / Club Dance Moves For Beginners I Club Dance Tutorial part2

Thanks for reading and enjoy dancing!